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November 2009 Newsletter

Select Pediatrics Newsletter

Welcome once again to Select Pediatrics monthly news letter update. In this our second edition, we focus on communication between patients and their physicians. Our doctors and staff are working hard to constantly improve on office protocol to best accommodate your needs. We hope that you find this edition helpful and informative.

Telephoning the Office
When calling the office be sure to get the name of the staff member with whom you talked. This makes it easier to track your request should follow up be necessary.  Our staff has been trained to identify themselves by name during telephone conversations.

The FAX option
Consider faxing us your non urgent requests rather than queuing on the phone. You may find this option particularly useful during busy times like Monday mornings when our phones are busiest. If you do fax us, please make sure you put your contact phone number on the fax. Our fax number is 516 616 4642.

Fast Track
If any of the following apply to your child, please notify the reception staff immediately upon signing in:

  1. newborn status
  2. injury that might require an X-ray (note that X-rays are generally not available after 3:45 pm)
  3. a rash that’s possibly contagious
  4. high fever
  5. breathing difficulty

Our nursing staff will do a quick assessment to see if expedited treatment is necessary. Note that this will sometimes necessitate taking patients out of order.

Kathy Pietrzak, Front Desk Supervisor
Kathy Pietrzak is our Front Desk Supervisor and you should feel free to turn to her for special needs or problems.  Just ask for her at the front desk if necessary.


Physician – Medical Assistant Team
You are reminded that each physician has a dedicated medical assistant who will take care of referrals and special requests not typically handled by the reception staff. The reception staff can connect you to the medical assistant’s extension.


H1N1 - Swine Flu and Seasonal Flu
You are undoubtedly aware through the media that supplies of H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines have been erratic and unpredictable.  We have gotten only part of our expected supply and have not been able to fully meet demand so far.  We’ll keep you up to date on our supply status and schedule flu sessions as appropriate.

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